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Monthly Archives: January 2008


That’s how good McCain feels these days. And when an aide handed him a BlackBerry with a story saying he was 7 percentage points ahead in a poll, McCain said: “Cancel the rest of the trip. We’re up in the Fox News Poll. Let the old geezer have a nap, OK?”

Bush in the Middle East
BBC News

New York Times
For Obama supporters around the country, the question becomes: Where next?
Washington Post

It has the feel and look of a transformative moment, this tidal wave of young voters buoying the disparate campaigns of Senators Barack Obama and John McCain.
New York Times

McDonalds Coffee

A $2,500 car
New York Times

Survey reveals all the really bizarre things women would do to lose weight, including spending a week in jail and shaving their heads; Britney Spears suddenly makes perfect sense.
Sun Times

What a douche
BBC News

The Seinfeld’s are getting sued

I’m obsessed with Anthony Bourdain and now Singapore. Who want’s to plan a trip?
New York Times

Die, Die, Must Try! Makansutra

Cannibalism in this day and age?