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Monthly Archives: February 2008

The Economist is becoming increasingly popular in America, taking market share from TIME and Newsweek thanks to its intelligent celebritard-free journalism.
Market Watch

Nearly 70 percent of Americans believe traditional journalism is out of touch, and nearly half are turning to the Internet to get their news, according to a new survey.

Lucky Soilders wins a million

A man who planned to walk from Bristol to India without any money has quit, after getting as far as Calais, France.

Turkey withdraws troop from Northern Iraq
New York Times

Obama has small lead in Texas, close in Ohio

Vacationing attorney plays slot machine in Virgin Islands, hits $5.15 million jackpot. Casino manager unplugs machine, tells attorney “It’s an obvious malfunction.” Guess what the American attorney did next?

A brief history on the Leap Year
Some Guy

Campaigns flush with $
New York Times

BBC changed the look of their homepage, loves it!

Fashion’s New Patron’s Struggle for the right fit
Wall Street Journal

Stop Stealing Your Fashion, Liquor, And Life Choices From Mobb Deep

Olsen twins asked to pose for Playboy
The Superficial

Slates Delegate Calculator

Just for fun
New Yorker


Colette Displays Luxury Logos Made From Cocaine
NY Mag
New York Times Blog

Iran “number one power in the world’ Ahmadinejad. This guy scares me.

Civil rights leader John Lewis dropped his support for Hillary Rodham Clinton’s presidential bid Wednesday in favor of Barack Obama.

Exchange student says he was denied adequate food
“McCullum says he was denied sufficient food while staying with a family of Coptic Christians, who fast for more than 200 days a year, a regimen unmatched by other Christians.”
Boston Globe

Bush is in denial

House Democrats abruptly pulled an ethics reform proposal from consideration yesterday after widespread opposition surfaced from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle a day before a scheduled vote on the plan.

The proposal, months in the making, would create a new Office of Congressional Ethics run by a bipartisan group of six non-lawmakers with the power to review ethics complaints against members and staff, and forward them to the existing Committee on Standards of Official Conduct. The fate of the plan is now unclear, though Democrats vowed they would revisit the issue soon.
Washington Post

Bloomberg not running for President
Huffington Post

Amtrak Repairing NE Corridor Rail Ties
Boston Globe

Asked about her tax returns, Clinton said told Russert: “I will do it as others have done it: upon becoming the nominee, or even earlier, Tim, because I have been as open as I can be.”

Daily Mail UK

18 Best Real Estate sites
Best local information: Terabitz
Best site to price comparable properties: Trulia
To find out what your neighbor’s house is worth: Zillow
Buy a house without a broker: For Sale by Owner
Get Zagat-like reviews of a particular street: Street Advisor

Those sassy teenagers

New Y-3 store
New York Times

Many American’s fear they’ll outlive their money
Gallup Poll

Inflation even effects a New York Bagel
NY Post

The £1,800 fashion sensation: the amazing high heels that don’t have a heel
Daily Mail UK

Some Obama facts (thanks Amy)

In Illinois, he sponsored over 800 bills.

On the federal level, in his short time, he passed a decent amount of legistlation, in a bi-partisan manner>. His first year in the U.S. Senate, he authored 152 bills and co-sponsored another 427. Mind you, not many passed with that idiot Republican and limpy Demcratic Senate in his way, but that’s a lot of bills. The big ones are:

  • the Coburn-Obama Government Transparency Act of 2006 (became law)
  • The Lugar-Obama Nuclear Non-proliferation and Conventional Weapons Threat Reduction Act,(became law)
  • The Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act, passed the Senate
  • The 2007 Government Ethics Bill,(became law)
  • The Protection Against Excessive Executive Compensation Bill,(In committee

More about his record can be found here, here, here, and here.

Finally, to learn details of his entire plan for the country should he become president you can go to his website. You can also download his Blueprint for Change here (WARNING: Large substantial 64 page PDF).

Rare criticism in Iran of Ahmadinejad rhetoric on Israel
Rowhani warned starkly: “If the international community thinks that a country wants to play troublemaker and eliminate others, it will not let the country do this and will confront it.

“We must act in such a way that the world understands that we are ready for more flexibility and more dialogue.”

Our economy is fucked! Euro Soars to Record High $1.5057
I was just in the Caribbean and the dollar isn’t worth a damn.

India missile test to start arms race: Pakistan

Russia may support Iran sanctions

Cubans weary of Raul Castros hints of change
New York Times

Kofi Annan has decided to suspend the talks process in Kenya.

Most Muslims ‘desire democracy’

Could peace break out in the Koreas?

Congress asks companies to do more on food safety

A hedge made out of marijuana
Gold Coast

Counterfeit Crackdown: New York Police Shutter Canal Street Buildings

The most spied upon people in Europe

Man tries to rob store using finger as pretend gun — outside of his jacket
Local 6

Secret Cure for cramps?

Philharmonic plays in North Korea
New York Times

Leno is the worst
New York Times

Starbucks promises a perfect cup of coffee or they’ll do it again.
I saw this promise as I walked into Starbucks this morning. I reluctantly drink their swill every morning. When will a Coffee Bean open on the east coast! Now there is an excellent cup of coffee.

Pet Sterilization Becomes Law in LA

Special red DUI license plates proposed for MD drunk drivers. TN stays old school with 24 hours of roadside cleanup while wearing orange vests emblazoned with the phrase, “I am a Drunk Driver.”

Zac Posen designs a line for Target, in Austrailia?!? What American’s aren’t sophisiticated enough for him?
Sassy Bella

Balenciaga 2008 Collection

Obama slams smear photo.
Drudge Report

“Venezuela is Cuba’s biggest benefactor and sends the Caribbean nation millions of barrels of favorably priced oil each year. In return, Cuba has sent about 30,000 doctors to work in the OPEC nation.”
Chavez jokes with new Cuban leader.

First biofuel flight.

Trial starts fro Detectives in Bell shooting.
New York Times

NY Police trial for groom’s death.

Hillary should get out now.

Who will tell Hillary?
The Washington Post

Ralph Nader in the race. why?
New York Times

Nader run could open an avenue for Bloomberg.
NY Sun

Obesity more dangerous than terrorism?

Co-Pilot dies during a flight.

Fewrer youths jump behind the wheel at 16.
New York Times

Full list of Academy Award Winners
Perez Hilton

Must see movie! Won for best Foreign Film: The Counterfieters

Oscar Fashion.

More Fashion
Hollywood Tuna

Man dies in cake-eating contest.

Retailers crack down on serial returns. I hate these people.
Boston Globe

Where do you find peace in NY?
New York Times

Travel information : The Carribbean : Which I just came back from, and miss so very much.
New York Times

World Food without leaving the neighborhood.
New York Times


Yellow is not a happy color when you look ugly in it.
Just in the month of February only she has worn this ugly yellow suit or the one with out the black trim 9x.

Yes, nine times. Please, Clinton, stop wearing yellow!

Blueberry Pancakes from the Clinton Street Baking Company

Meat Packing
9 9th Ave, New York 10014
At Little W 12th St
Phone: 212-929-4844

Upper West Side
Good Enough to Eat
483 Amsterdam Ave,
New York 10024
Btwn 83rd & 84th St
Phone: 212-496-0163

Sarabeth’s West
423 Amsterdam Ave,
New York 10024
At 80th St
Phone: 212-496-6280

Upper East Side
Norma’s @ Le Parker Meridian
118 West 57th Street
Phone: 212-245-5000

Fred’s at Barney’s
660 Madison Ave,
New York 10021
At 61st St
Phone: 212-833-2200

1064 Madison Ave,
btwn’ 80th 81st St
Phone: 212-772-0022

West Village
Extra Virgin
259 W 4th St,
New York 10014Btwn
Charles & Perry St
Phone: 212-691-9359

Pink Tea Cup
42 Grove St,
New York 10014
Btwn Bedford & Bleeker St
Phone: 212-807-6755

Cornelia Street Café
29 Cornelia St,
New York 10014
Btwn Bleecker & W 4th St
Phone: 212-989-9319

Lower East Side
Clinton Street Baking Co.
4 Clinton St,
New York 10002
Btwn Stanton & Houston St
Phone: 646-602-6263

135 N 5th St,
Brooklyn 11211
At Bedford Ave
Phone: 718-302-5151

Park Luncheonette
334 Driggs Ave,
Brooklyn 11222
At Lorimer St
Phone: 718-383-3571

Night of the Cookers
767 Fulton St,
Brooklyn 11217
Btwn Greene Ave & S Oxford St
Phone: 718-797-1197

Very scary: Russia has said it may target its missiles at Ukraine if its neighbor joins Nato and accepts the deployment of the US missile defense shield.
BBC News

Israel: Iran seeking Nuclear weapons

Several Arrested in Chinese Spy Sweep
Washington Times
Financial Times

It’s National Pancake Day!


Big Primary day today! Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC
New York Times

Bush supporting McCain, “a true conservative.”
New York Times

Michelle Obama
Wall Street Journal

Whites to become the minority in the U.S. by 2050

$1 Dollar Bill de-mystified

Love it! I can’t wait to see the Other Boylen Girl starring 2 of my favorite leadies.
Perez Hilton

You remind me of me
New York Times

Its party time in the Galleries
New York Times

The obssessive compulsive diner
New York Times

Joining Facebook is like joining the mafia… just try to leave.

Ay dios mio!

I always wanted an iced out cereal box, sadly Gucci Mane beat me to it.
Kanye’s Blog

Jay-Z and Mary J. Blige going on Tour!

Kanye West: Glow in the Dark Tour


Russia says an Iranian missile test this week raised suspicions over its true nuclear ambitions. Wait… Russia said that?
BBC News

Obama claims delegate lead

Braging Rights to Both
USA Today

Al Qaeda
Washington Times

Living withing your means
New York Times

Voting Begins in a Grab for Delegates, and an edge.
New York Times

Super Tuesday Showdown Begins

World Captivated by US Presidential Race

Voter’s Focus on Character
Wall Street Journal

Uhh, No Super Tuesday in Wisconsin
Local News

Burger Blues
Times Online

Problems for Jay-Z
Las Vegas Weekly

Oh, Britney
The Smoking Gun

TC Palm

21-year-old German man has been convicted of sending a photograph of his penis to an unknown woman: “We all had a bit of a laugh when we saw the thing,” said the judge.

The Doorman’s Dilemma

Oh, and it’s fashion week! Which I never miss. Except for this season due to the primaries.

Obsessed with… Chloe for Opening Ceremony

La Esquina
106 Kenmare St, New York 10012
At Lafayette St
Phone: 646-613-1333

Mama Mexico
2672 Broadway, New York 10025
At 102nd St
Phone: 212-864-2323
try: the guacamole.. they make it for you fresh at the table

The Taco Truck, yes it is a truck.
on 96th street west of Broadway
(try it all, super tasty, don’t fear the truck)

Mexicana Mama
525 Hudson St, New York 10014
At 10th St
Phone: 212-924-4119

338 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn 11211
Btwn S 2nd & S 3rd St
Phone: 718-384-9500

El Sombrero aka the Hat
108 Stanton corner of Ludlow

Spanish / Caribbean
4141 Broadway, New York 10033
At 175th St
Phone: 212-927-3812

Flor de Mayo
484 Amsterdam Ave, New York 10024
Btwn 83rd & 84th St
Phone: 212-787-3388

El Castillo de Jagua
113 Rivington St, New York 10002
Corner of Essex St
Phone: 212-982-6412