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Obama slams smear photo.
Drudge Report

“Venezuela is Cuba’s biggest benefactor and sends the Caribbean nation millions of barrels of favorably priced oil each year. In return, Cuba has sent about 30,000 doctors to work in the OPEC nation.”
Chavez jokes with new Cuban leader.

First biofuel flight.

Trial starts fro Detectives in Bell shooting.
New York Times

NY Police trial for groom’s death.

Hillary should get out now.

Who will tell Hillary?
The Washington Post

Ralph Nader in the race. why?
New York Times

Nader run could open an avenue for Bloomberg.
NY Sun

Obesity more dangerous than terrorism?

Co-Pilot dies during a flight.

Fewrer youths jump behind the wheel at 16.
New York Times

Full list of Academy Award Winners
Perez Hilton

Must see movie! Won for best Foreign Film: The Counterfieters

Oscar Fashion.

More Fashion
Hollywood Tuna

Man dies in cake-eating contest.

Retailers crack down on serial returns. I hate these people.
Boston Globe

Where do you find peace in NY?
New York Times

Travel information : The Carribbean : Which I just came back from, and miss so very much.
New York Times

World Food without leaving the neighborhood.
New York Times


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