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Rare criticism in Iran of Ahmadinejad rhetoric on Israel
Rowhani warned starkly: “If the international community thinks that a country wants to play troublemaker and eliminate others, it will not let the country do this and will confront it.

“We must act in such a way that the world understands that we are ready for more flexibility and more dialogue.”

Our economy is fucked! Euro Soars to Record High $1.5057
I was just in the Caribbean and the dollar isn’t worth a damn.

India missile test to start arms race: Pakistan

Russia may support Iran sanctions

Cubans weary of Raul Castros hints of change
New York Times

Kofi Annan has decided to suspend the talks process in Kenya.

Most Muslims ‘desire democracy’

Could peace break out in the Koreas?

Congress asks companies to do more on food safety

A hedge made out of marijuana
Gold Coast

Counterfeit Crackdown: New York Police Shutter Canal Street Buildings

The most spied upon people in Europe

Man tries to rob store using finger as pretend gun — outside of his jacket
Local 6

Secret Cure for cramps?

Philharmonic plays in North Korea
New York Times

Leno is the worst
New York Times

Starbucks promises a perfect cup of coffee or they’ll do it again.
I saw this promise as I walked into Starbucks this morning. I reluctantly drink their swill every morning. When will a Coffee Bean open on the east coast! Now there is an excellent cup of coffee.

Pet Sterilization Becomes Law in LA

Special red DUI license plates proposed for MD drunk drivers. TN stays old school with 24 hours of roadside cleanup while wearing orange vests emblazoned with the phrase, “I am a Drunk Driver.”

Zac Posen designs a line for Target, in Austrailia?!? What American’s aren’t sophisiticated enough for him?
Sassy Bella

Balenciaga 2008 Collection


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