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Rice and Abbas says talks to resume
New York Times

As Israelis pull out of Gaza, Hamas celebrates its rocketry
New York Times

Dozens die in Israel-Gaza clashes

New FBI privacy violations confirmed

Crude may rise to $120 in six months

In 2 Battlegrounds, Voters Say, Not Yet
NewYork Times

Bob Guccione’s Upper East Side townhouse sells for $49M (he started Penthouse and I’ve actually been in this apartment. Random, I know. They want to do a cover story on me, I wouldn’t spread)
NY Post

Hollywood braces for threat of actor’s strike.

Clinton’s lesson: attacking Obama works

Clinton wins in Texas and Ohio; McCain Is In as G.O.P. Choice
New York Times

McCain comes back to seize GOP nomintation

With McCain Atop Ticket, Talk Shifts to Spot No.2
New York Times

This election will come down to the delegates
Real Clear Politics

A Moroccan IT engineer has been jailed for three years for setting up a fake Facebook profile impersonating a member of the country’s royal family.
The Register

Starving themselves cocktail in hand, fools.
New York Times

Nicole Richie with baby on the cover of People

After hours of debate coverage I need to numb my mind and did so by watching, “The real houswives of New York City” Oh and how painful it was. Gawker sums up the nightmare quite well, so I don’t have to.

Michael Musto as Lindsay Lohan as Marylin Monroe
Village Voice

Tom Ford goes to Costco

Gnarls Barkley video banned from MTV
“That’s because of its strobe effects, which caused the clip to fail the Harding Test — guidelines established to prevent TV images from triggering epileptic seizures.”
Huffington Post


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