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Risky Business: Décolletage At a Work Dinner by Christina Brinkley
Wall Street Journal
Cleavage At Work: Yay Or Nay?
To add to this post.. I find it ironic that WSJ and Jezebel brought up this topic for today as co-worker of mine is in the most haneous/innapropriate outfit I have seen. I love a pair of short shorts and knee high boots on a hooker or on a great body for a night out clubbing. But here, at the office! You should be ashamed of yourself. I have to admit that if the outfit itself (brown knee high boots, beige/gray shorts, white-t, and v-neck sweater in the same color) was FLY I would be like damn! props to you for pulling off that look. But it’s wak and wrong. You should go home and change, girl in short shorts, go home and change.


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