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FLDS fashions for kids sold on enterprising Web site
The Salt Lake Tribune



  1. i would just like to say that i think flds is disgusting,criminal,them poor woman and children are been abused,its what we call insest,and if they new what was really out there in the world,theres no way flds would exsist,if this happened in my country it would be stopped,as its criminal,the american goverment and there people should be ashamed of themeselves for allowing their woman and children of the flds to be abused,and treaten like slaves,by the people they are meant to be loved by,how can their children be disowned for running away,why do they want to run away? and how could they make these poor woman disown their own children,because they arnt doin what flds leaders want them to do,its absoloutly disgusting,im a catholic,iv been raised a catholic all my life,im sure god did not want this for these woman an children,its peadofilia at its worst,,its vile,and should be stopped at once!!

  2. at ive also noticed u havent got many comments this is because people are so disgusted with what goes on!!

  3. wtf man ! fuking asswipes !

    • Posted August 7, 2011 at 11:35 pm
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    I think the polygamy that is going on is disgusting. It is one thing if a woman choses to live/marry a man who already has a wife.. but for these bastards to force children into sexual relationships with men who are old enough to be their grandfathers (or great grandfathers) all under the guise of celestial marriages… it is beyond contempt.
    These bastards need to be charged with sexaual assault of a minor and sexual abuse of a minor. OMG… are these women daft… I mean… I would kill any bastard who even tried to sexually abuse one of my kids. Geez…. what gives, women of FLDS… are you stupid????

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