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The Tastemakers Society
About The Tastemakers Society:
This online magazine is an attempt in covering the world as I believe it should be seen. I am all to tired of magazines that deal with celebrities and socialites alike to whom are interesting in their own right but in my eyes aren’t the ones that need the limelight 24/7. The world is orchestrated by many and run by fewer; the creative people that make up our society and actually keep our world turning are the people I feel need to get the light shined upon. These are the folks that aren’t scared to think outside the box or dare to be different, they create with no boundaries or guidelines just with there hearts and visions to show them the way. So in that essence was the birth of TTS (The Tastemakers Society) my take on what a real tastemaker is. So sit back and relax while TTS takes you on a tour of the world through the eyes of the real people and along that trip I will give you many things to learn from, be entertained by, get inspired from and simply just stare at. Now it’s time to see what’s really happening in the world instead of just what Paris Hilton did last night.

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