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Google to Release Web Browser Tuesday; Should Microsoft Worry, or Mozilla?

In its latest bid to remain ascendant on the Internet, Google is about to release its own Web browser, long a key online battleground. It just announced its plans for the browser, dubbed Chrome, briefly on its official blog, so its ultimate intentions are not yet clear. But the Web browser more than ever has become the one indispensable product—even if it’s free—for anyone using the Internet. So it’s clear that Google is looking to firm up its ever-growing online presence—especially vs. Microsoft, maker of the dominant browser Internet Explorer. (Chrome was first reported by the blog Google Blogoscoped, which in an odd publicity tactic on Google’s part received a comic book in the mail outlining the product.)

This is a very interesting if long-rumored move, since it pits Google all the more directly against Microsoft in a battle for preeminence on the Web. Some folks such as Kara Swisher think it turns what she calls a Cold War between the two behemoths red-hot.

To read the full article: Business Week

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