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You are what you eat.

If you have ever eaten a meal with me or had the privilege to have me cook for you then you know I’m a huge advocate of natural, local, fresh, grass fed, tasty food. I’ve been promoting the documentary Food Inc. for a while and I know a few of you have watched it because we discussed how it’s helped to open your eyes about the food you eat and where it comes from (I won’t get into the agriculture industry or farming bills). I’d like to take full credit for introducing Oprah to Food Inc. but alas I didn’t. She dedicated an entire hour today to this doc and began educating the public about the benefits of paying attention to what you consume. Honey, you know when Oprah speaks people listen. Thank you Oprah.

You play a role in shaping the future of the farming industry with every purchase at the grocery store. The more people purchase organic food, anti-biotic free eggs, chickens, grass fed beef and dairy products the less expensive they will become. If McDonalds is the largest purchaser of beef in this country then they will dictate how a majority of the beef is produced. When you think of cows do you imagine them mooing and grazing on a pasture somewhere? Good. Keep that image of happy mooing cows in your mind when you purchase beef in the store, look for labels that say grass fed. Cows are herbivores.. grazers their diet is grass and grass alone. When you feed cows corn, a product that their bodies and quiet frankly yours can not digest, and throw in terrible living conditions riddled with overcrowding we wind up with sick cows and e.coli tainted meat. It only takes one sick cow to sicken 1 child or an entire town.

Use every meal as an opportunity to make a choice that will help dictate the future of our produce. Make a conscious and thoughtful decision about what you are going to eat. You would be surprised at how many healthy and delicious options you have. Michael Pollan suggests only eat food your grandmother would recognize in the grocery store. I agree with Michael and grandma.

Rule No. 27 from Food Rules and Eaters Manual: “Eat animals that have themselves eaten well.”

How to find local farms and farmers markets: Local Harvest
Local Farms: Keep Local Farms
Oprah Show Today: Food 101
Food Inc: Watch and Learn
Michael Pollan: Food Rules

Disclaimer: I don’t eat corn or anything that’s eaten corn, rice, dairy or anything in the lily family.

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