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Some Facts on School Lunch

31 million American children eat lunch at school, funded through USDA’s Child Nutrition Program. It was set up after the war to feed hungry children and deal with surplus agricultural commodities.

11 million children also get breakfast at school under the program.

The federal school meals budget is $11.9 billion a year. By comparison, healthcare spending on
obesity is already $147 billion.

CNN: Did Jamie Oliver really shape up town?
A spokeswoman for Huntington, West Virginia — the city Oliver singled out as one of the unhealthiest places in America — says local residents are exercising and eating better. But she’s not giving much credit to the cheeky British chef and nutrition activist.

“What people need to realize is there was already a movement to make Huntington healthier,” says Brandi Jacobs-Jones, whose West Virginia hometown plays a starring role in Oliver’s new macro-makeover show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” set to debut on ABC on Sunday.

The Globe and Mail: Jamie Oliver in America: sneers and tears
When British celebrity chef brings his fresh-food crusade across the pond, the reaction is chilly

Huffington Post: Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Premiere: Can Oliver Change America’s Food System?


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