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GQ: ¿Qué Pasa, Lou?
According to Lou Dobbs, we’ve been completely wrong about him. Wrong about his stance on illegal immigrants. Wrong about his reasons for quitting CNN after twenty-seven years. And wrong about his newfound political aspirations. Well, we might actually be right about that last thing. Jeanne Marie Laskas meets the man we thought we knew.

“How do you feel?” Lou turns to me and says. We’re in the back of his silver Audi midmorning on a steel gray New Jersey day, and we’re heading from the country, where he lives, to the city, where he does his radio show, about an hour and a half away. He’s working on a Wendy’s cheeseburger, a Diet Coke, and a small chocolate Frosty.

“How do I feel?” I ask. He throws his shoulders back, like, How hard a question is that? He’s a Brahman bull of a man with puffy hands and a dainty silver bracelet, and he’s in truck-driver attire: orange thermal shirt, green overshirt, John Deere cap.

It’s taking me a moment to catch up to Lou’s abrupt change in subject. Feelings? We had been talking about NAFTA, how he supported it—”I was there before Clinton, for Chrissake!”—and how this position, along with so many others, goes completely against the Lou Dobbs–ian economic-isolationist mythology that exists in American culture today. Mythology—that’s been his main point. As in: a false collective belief. As in: so much utter bullshit. And: “I let the liberal mainstream media define me. That was my mistake. I was stupid, and I was arrogant.” He’s made this point often over the past few days, not with rage so much as regret, and after he said it this last time, he fell silent, gazed with some interest out his window, so apparently he’s found some reason for switching subjects.

“Uh, I feel good,” I answer.

“Happy?” he says.

“Well, sure—”

Read the entire article at GQ


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